OS X Using ShimakazeGo + Poi to play kancolle

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# 1. Intro

This is the instruction of how to bulid a kancolle playing enviroment in Mac OS X.

My current OS X version is 10.11

Necessary tools: Automator

# 2. Install ShimakazeGo

ShimakazeGo is a proxy for playing Kancolle. Because DMM has banned the IP addresses of foreigners, you need to use a proxy to connect to the game site.

Here is the ShimakazeGo official site (opens new window). There is a instruction how to install it on Mac OS X

# 3. Pack ShimakazeGo as a OS X APP

This section is pretty important.

The ShimakazeGo developer offer a shell scipt to start the program.

Therefore, it's very easy to convert it to a application by using Automator, a convient and easy-to-use app buliding tool on Mac OS X.

Open Automator, choose the Application and serch for Run Apple Script at the search bar.

And then paste this script inside the input frame.

on run
	do shell script "/path/to/the/ShimakazeGo/run_mac > /dev/null 2>&1 &"
end run

Save the App, copy to your /Application and close the Automator, using a text editor, such as vim to open the run_mac script and delete the last two line

The script will appear like this


export LANG="zh-CN.UTF-8"
export LC_ALL="zh-CN.UTF-8"

defaults write mono NSAppSleepDisabled -bool YES


dir=$(dirname ${BASH_SOURCE:-$0})
$MONO_LIB $dir/ShimakazeGo.exe > /dev/null &

And done. Start the app and you will see the ShimakazeGo window.

# 4. Supplement: Change App Icon

The app that we generate will come with a default Automator icon like a robot. Some people may dislike it and want to changge to another icon. It is very easy, just follow these instructions:

  1. Open the App info window(cmd + i)
  2. Open the icon img you want to replace with.
  3. Select the whole img(cmd + a) and copy(cmd + c)
  4. Click the icon inside the App info window, and paste(cmd + v)
  5. Done!

# 5. Install Poi

Poi is a Scalable KanColle browser and tool. Due to using the web techology, it is totally cross-platform

Here is the GitHub repo (opens new window)